Green Building Products

All commercial and residential buildings have an impact on our environment. Buildings account for most of the energy we use and they greatly affect both the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. They use much of our natural resources of construction materials and create much of our landfill waste stream. Green Building is the practice of building structures that reduce the potential negative impacts on our environment. With Green building design and improved construction techniques we are now able to greatly reduce the energy requirement of buildings. Green buildings are far more healthy places where we can live and work. They have less of an impact on our landfills and use sustainable products that will continue to provide a resource for future generations.

True Green Building requires careful attention to the full lifecycle of the building itself as well as the products used in the construction of the building. Green products should make use of recycled materials where ever possible and should incorporate sustainable materials. These materials should be located or manufactured regionally so that transportation to the job site is reduced. And, they must consider the energy requirement and the environmental impact at the point of manufacture as well as the energy use and environmental impact once installed in the building.

Green Building is quickly becoming a worldwide movement and builders, designers and homeowners in the Hudson Valley have come to understand the many benefits to Green building. We want you to know that Williams Lumber is committed to Green building. We pledge to support the movement towards Green building by offering our customers many of those products, materials and services that make it easier for our customers to develop Greener buildings. Where we can, we will stock green products that will be available for immediate delivery. Where this is not possible, we can special order many additional green products that will help you create the greenest building possible.

Williams Lumber wants to be your preferred supplier of Green Building products. We want you to have a wide selection of Natural and Organic products that keep you and your family safe. We want to have a variety of products that are made largely of recycled materials to reduce our waste stream. And, we want to have products that come from sustainable sources so that future generations will have something left. Sustainable living means a better, healthier environment and we at Williams will do whatever we can to assist you in your plans to make the Hudson Valley a nicer and a safer place to raise your family. Green building does not have to be expensive. Come to Williams lumber as see how little it may cost to make a regular building a green building. You will be happy you did…

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